Airbrake in Taipei.

Airbrake joined Ruby on Rails Taipei’s meet up this Tuesday to connect with the local development scene. The venue was a small comic book cafe (literally walls lined with library shelves of what appeared to be Japanese Manga). At 7pm dozens of locals filled the space and broke off into small groups chatting and sharing business and tech adventures.

I had the opportunity to meet with many locals–including some who had spent time in the US (Nebraska, SF and elsewhere). Besides sharing general differences in culture and business environment a few gems stood out.

  • Taipei is encouraging of the entrepreneur spirit (especially hardware businesses, but applications are gaining).
  • Taipei–like all markets–has some idiosyncrasies: buy iPhone apps? OK. buy Android apps? ILLEGAL! There’s an old statute on requiring 7 day trial period and Android doesn’t support it.
  • Taipei has a great position straddling the Mainland Chinese market while benefiting from lower costs than in Hong Kong and even Beijing (for development talent and overhead).
  • Taipei is very approachable–even in a larger city it’s a small tech community and is very accessible.

Tomorrow we’re stopping by a local incubator and looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you again Taipei Airbrakers! Thanks for all bubble tea! – A post by @usiegj00,

jonathan-siegel-bubble-tea bookcase photoview-of-city