Airbrake Ruby Gem. 3.1.0.

Today, Sunday June 3rd, we’ve completed a major update to our Gem. Upgrading to 3.1.0. We’ve posted it on and have tagged the changes on the Airbrake Github repo.

A full change log is below, but these are some highlights.

  • A “js_api_key” option has been added
    you can now declare additional api_key only for the javascript notifier. You can then enjoy how your javascript errors get reported to the other Airbrake project. You get a separation between backend and frontend errors.
  • We’re not using regex match for filtering parameters
    You have to explicitly set the parameters you want to filter. Adding “hidden” to filtered parameters caused all the parameters containing “hidden” filtered.
  • Lazy loading of ActionController methods
    Performance boost.
  • Support for parameter filtering in rails > 3.0.0
  • Beta support for Heroku cedar
  • Ignoring exceptions works in Sinatra and Rack
  • We’re using unix style parameters for the deploy hooks
  • More detailed error message, containing HTTP error
  • fixed passing api_key param to Airbrake deploy task
  • Fixed “rescue_action_in_public_without_airbrake” for newer Rails versions
    Rails > 3.0.0 didn’t support adding this method to the controller, so user couldn’t add the code to the controller that would get executed when airbrake finishes it’s notification execution. This is fixed now, working the same as previous Rails versions.
  • Ignoring user agents in rails > 3.0.0 works
  • We’re catching errors that happen early in the rack stack now
  • Using ruby 1.9.3-p194 by default (courtesy of RVM)
  • Catch exceptions in newer Rails versions automatically and treat them like Rails exceptions
  • Fixed the entire test suite. Now we’re sure it’s working for all rails versions from 2.3.14 to 3.2.3.
  • Points to new API endpoint.

Thanks to everyone for providing issues, submitting pull requests and helping maintain the Gem.