Airbrake Ruby Gem 3.1.5 and Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta

We’ve two new updates to kick off 2014 a Airbrake gem, version 3.1.15 and an updated
Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta, which includes better source-map and more detailed error information.

You can now use the JS snippet from the CDN. ``

Download from

Version 3.1.15 - 2014-01-03 14:37:38 +0100

Ahmad Sherif (1):
      Don't serialize nil to an empty string

Damon Morgan (1):
      Support sucker_punch for async processor

David Palm (1):
      Give params_filter a setter so it can be *set* (not only appended to)

Hrvoje Šimić (14):
      add Rails 4 to
      use Coveralls for code coverage
      use Gemnasium for dependency monitoring
      use Code Climate for code analysis
      extract ParamsCleaner class
      being more careful with javascript_notifier and non-public requests
      Bumping to version 3.1.14
      add Circle CI badge
      rename :test task to 'test:unit'
      use parallel gem installation on CI server
      enable pry debugging in tests
      add test for #251
      enable filtering of sensitive Rack vars by default
      start using MultiJson

Marko Šiftar (1):
      fix deploy uri

Marten Veldthuis (1):
      Airbrake rakefile is not compatible with Capistrano v3

Rodrigo Saito (1):
      Handle error when variable sinatra.error is present

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