Airbrake now supports Swift bug tracking


We’re excited to annouce that you Airbrake-IOS notifier now supports swift projects.  One installed this means you can capture all swift exceptions and enjoy the same Airbrake notifications.

Install  The Notifier in Swift

When you add Airbrake iOS to your Swift project, Xcode will automatically add the bridging header for ‘ABNotifier’ class. First, set up the ABNotifer in your app delegate at the beginning of your ‘func application(application: UIApplication!, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: NSDictionary!) -> Bool {‘

ABNotifier.startNotifierWithAPIKey(YOUR_API_KEY, environmentName: ABNotifierAutomaticEnvironment, useSSL: true, delegate: self);

Download the Source from or you download from CocoaPods.

Know more about Swift bug tracking using Airbrake.

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