Rails Girls

Hard at work

This past Saturday, a couple of us at Airbrake were lucky enough to attend Rails Girls, a one day crash course on Ruby on Rails. The story of Rails Girls is actually quite cool. It started in Finland, but due to its popularity, the organizers open-sourced it, and now anyone anywhere can host a Rails Girls workshop. The San Francisco event was the first one to be held in the US, and the organizers even came out for it!

Now onto the workshop..We were divided into small teams and given instructions on creating our own simple web app (creating the layout, adding pictures, gems, bundles, and a bunch of other good stuff.) Coaches were readily available to help answer questions and explain what things meant. I won’t go too much into what I learned and I won’t even pretend I understood it all, but I will say that it made me interested in learning more about Ruby on Rails and trying to really get how it all works.

Coding is fun!

The people there were all bright and motivated (Is it just me or did everyone seem like a Stanford student?), and it was cool to see so many girls interested in tech. There were also fun, inspirational presentations from EngineYard, Stackmob, and BizeeBee. If there’s a Rails Girls near you, I’d highly recommend checking it out, either as a coach or attendee!

Note: Even though it’s Rails Girls, guys are still welcome to attend.

Awesome giant tablet thing at GitHub, where the event was hosted