TechTrivia #1 Report.

My first thought was how does San Francisco not already have tech trivia it’s such a great idea! What is better than geeks and beer on a Tuesday night. I arrived and most of the teams were already formed so I recruited a few onto my new team only to learn our 5 person team was about half the size of the rest. But what we lacked in numbers we made up in quality, I mean we had the Wired magazine reporter who covers Apple on our team!

To get the night started right we all had to come up with geeky team names. The “I have a huge wedgie” got awarded the best team name by the judges but some others were Captain Crunch  has very large blue box  (my personal favorite as it was technical and racy) and Shard my pants and William Shatner face.

The first round was TechTerms which eased us into the mode with What does WWW stand for? World Wide Web But then lost me at In which decade were ‘memes’ “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” invented? The word meme originated with Dawkins’ 1976 book The Selfish Gene. To emphasize commonality with genes, Dawkins coined the term “meme” by shortening “mimeme”, which derives from the Greek word mimema (“something imitated”)

Next our movie watching skills were tested but since I haven’t seen Social Network in over a year and didn’t have a notepad with me when I was watching it I wasn’t that strong in the entire round that was based on the Social Network! @CaptainJoe must be a fan of the Winklevoss twins because this round was largely centered around the them, I was almost kicked out because I didn’t know their first names.

And then how can you have a tech trivia night and not have a round on tech crunch? I will definitely attack tech crunch articles from now on because TechTrivia is a weekly event! @joeythecat the cat covered the well known and loved github with his question of This SF bootstrapped tech company raised $100MM last week… And then throw in a curveball with Which Wal-mart competitor just released their first mobile (iPhone and Android) app? Costco

The rounds varied and there were times when the developers were stronger but even ops like me helped with a question like CPM, CPT, CAM and CPA call related to which non-technical area of a startup? Advertising

Rounding up the night there was Permutations. This was like the SAT but much more fun and no studying involved. It’s the we’re Uber for personal assistants = Exec

The start up round constited of being able to bounce a ping pong ball on a paddle for as long as possible.

Teams were represented by companies like Atlassian,, SocMetrics, Salesforce, Rackspace , Redistogo, HipChat

Thanks to all teams

  • Shard my pants
  • William Shatner face
  • Making native web apps made simple with (Yes. There real name / Shameless plug!)
  • I have a huge wedgie
  • A2M