Throw an Exception.

Airbrake and Exceptional welcome you to the first international charity exception throwing contest.

Exceptional + Airbrake logo baggo

We are seeking all semi-pro exception throwers in the Bay Area for a spectacular evening of ‘baggo‘. A company must provide two throwers and teams will compete in sudden death mode. Spectators can watch the world’s finest bag toss players play it out to death.

How it works / Enter your team.

  1. A company must submit two team members. Each team member must get a ticket, picking from above. ($50 total for a company, or $100 for a 418). Once both team members have tickets, e-mail and I’ll add you to the current teams list at the bottom of this page.
  2. Teams will play to the death in a sudden death mode.
  3. Games will commence in the basement of the Storek Building at 6:00pm sharp. Food will be provided.
  4. The champions will receive a pair of Exceptional Kicks.


All money collected will be donated to

  1. an epic charity that is dedicated to using technology to deliver education more effectively to disadvantaged communities in Africa and Ireland.
  2. an epic non-profit helping government work better for everyone.

Sponsor our Bean Bags?

For a $250 donation we will make custom bean bags for your company using the wonders of Spoonflour and the handicraft of Ben. Please contact for more details.

Current Teams: