Throw an Exception. Photos & Write-up.

Monday saw 26 teams fight it out to become the “International Airbrake + Exceptional Charity Baggo Champion”.  Teams were from Airbrake + ExceptionalRedisToGoTrigger.ioIntercomOpenSignalMaps, HerokuHipChatIron.ioEngineYardCircleCI, CodeForAmerica,  CanonicalDolphinBrowsersingly.com42FloorsPivotalLabsPusherVidCasterUserVoice & Atlassian.

We had a double bracket, with some companies entering multiple teams. EngineYard had three teams, with their ring leader Dr Nic arriving early to get some practice in and to psych out the competition.

cornhole action photo

Each round was scored up to 11 points, a slight adjustment from the international cornhole rules.  Having 5 concurrent games helped speed up procedures.  The finals saw some epic matches with the current dodgeball champs Heroku vs Heroku in the semi-final. Ready for an Atlassian vs Heroku Final.  Scroll down to find out who won.

Heroku bag tossEngineYard Banter.

PivotalLabs took things very seriously.

and the winners are…
Atlassian Team #2.

Congrats to Atlasssian Team #2– the final saw multiple cornholes during the match.   Second place went to Heroku.

baggo atlasssian winners

The real winners are…

CodeForAmerica and Camara  who will be getting checks for $750 each. [Photos to follow]

With thanks to…

  • Lourdes from TaskRabbit for making 40 bean bags over a weekend.
  • Alexandra J from Exec, who rushed made more bags in under 5hrs.
  • Stephen Beck from Spoonflower. They printed the fabric and rushed a late order.
  • Helen, Teri, Katelynn and Morgan for ordering food and setting up the arena.
  • CodeForAmerica for letting us use their training room.
  • The rest of the Airbrake team… for keeping the site running as I threw corn.