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serverless twitter bot

Create a Serverless Twitter Bot with Airbrake and AWS Lambda – Part 1

Over the next week we’ll be learning how to create a fully-automated, NodeJS, serverless Twitter bot with real-time error monitoring capabilities via Airbrake. Our Twitter bot will be capable of performing just about any task you can imagine, and it will do so serverlessly, by making use of the power… continue reading →

managing software teams

12 Tips for Managing Software Teams

Managing software teams can be difficult, even for the most disciplined and well-established organizations. Every aspect of the software development process must be carefully considered and balanced, allowing multiple teams to equally and efficiently produce software that customers will truly love. Managing these teams requires an understanding of the details… continue reading →

Java Exception Handling

Java Exception Handling – MalformedURLException

Moving along through the in-depth Java Exception Handling series we’ve been going through, we next arrive at the MalformedURLException. A MalformedURLException is thrown when the built-in URL class encounters an invalid URL; specifically, when the protocol that is provided is missing or invalid. In today’s article we’ll examine the MalformedURLException… continue reading →