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Airbrake Gem 3.1.12 with Rails 4 support.

With Rails conf currently underway and Rail 4.0 getting increasing interest, we’re excited to announce full Rails 4 (beta 1) support with our latest Airbrake gem, version 3.1.12. Download from    

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Airbrake in Portland

Portland Meetup What A drinkup with Ben Arent and David Palm from Airbrake, Exceptional, RedisToGo, the startup community, other Airbrakers and OpenStack Crew. When Tuesday 16th April at 6:00pm Where Deschutes Brewery and Public House Signup   Portland City Stats via Intercom. Airbrakers. 168 Oldest Airbrakers: two accounts over 5 years old. Woot woot. Vintage… continue reading →

SMS Beta.

Airbrake is excited to announce our SMS Beta. The SMS Beta is open to all US accounts on a Pro or higher account. Being able to quickly reply to errors has become increasingly important for airbrakers. We’ve been playing with the ‘SMS beta’ for a month and we’ll be overhauling the… continue reading →