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Scalaz Airbrake Scala Notifier

We’re happy to cross post that StackMob has just shared it’s Scala client for Airbrake. It is written in Scala using Scalaz IO and actors. Code found on GitHub here. @TaylorLeese spent some  time enhancing Mike Singleton’s Scala Airbrake client. I would recommend checking out Taylors blog post for two code snippets on… continue reading →

Airbrake Ruby Gem. 3.1.0.

Today, Sunday June 3rd, we’ve completed a major update to our Gem. Upgrading to 3.1.0. We’ve posted it on and have tagged the changes on the Airbrake Github repo. A full change log is below, but these are some highlights. A “js_api_key” option has been addedyou can now declare… continue reading →

Airbrake Beijing

Airbrake was happy to hold an impromptu meetup last night at the MESH lounge in the Opposite House of Beijing’s most happening streetlife at Sanlitun. Thank you to the locals that made it out. Including BlingStorm an iOS game team. Check out their resource-management casual game that is absolutely beautiful:… continue reading →

Throw an Exception. Photos & Write-up.

Monday saw 26 teams fight it out to become the “International Airbrake + Exceptional Charity Baggo Champion”.  Teams were from Airbrake + Exceptional, RedisToGo,, Intercom, OpenSignalMaps, Heroku, HipChat,, EngineYard, CircleCI, CodeForAmerica,  Canonical, DolphinBrowser,, 42Floors, PivotalLabs, Pusher, VidCaster, UserVoice & Atlassian. We had a double bracket, with some companies entering multiple teams. EngineYard had three teams, with their ring leader Dr Nic arriving early to get some practice in and to psych… continue reading →