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Rails Girls

This past Saturday, a couple of us at Airbrake were lucky enough to attend Rails Girls, a one day crash course on Ruby on Rails. The story of Rails Girls is actually quite cool. It started in Finland, but due to its popularity, the organizers open-sourced it, and now anyone… continue reading →


Wheelmap  is the tenth Airbraker in our “Awesome Airbrakers” series! What does your App do? It shows wheelchair accessible places and lets users tag locations as wheelchair accessible. Then it sends the data off to , which is the Wikipedia for geodata. Setup. Environment, Language, Tools, Etc. Rails 3, self-hosted,… continue reading →


We welcome Causes  as the ninth Airbraker in our “Awesome Airbrakers” series. What does your App do? We’re a platform for online activism, from raising awareness on issues to helping nonprofits raise money. We were a Facebook Platform launch partner and have 180 million users and have helped raise over 41… continue reading →