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Airbrake Ruby Gem 3.1.5 and Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta

We’ve two new updates to kick off 2014 a Airbrake gem, version 3.1.15 and an updated Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta, which includes better source-map and more detailed error information. You can now use the JS snippet from the CDN. Download from

The State of Client side JavaScript Error Reporting

Effectively handling browser-generated errors, like much of web development, has long been a difficult, error-prone and highly arcane practice. Browser differences, inline event handlers, frameworks and plugins without canonical error-handling attachment points, and callback hell have all contributed to the bruxism that plagues front-end devs. Airbrake exists to make devs lives easier,… continue reading →

Airbrake Gem 3.1.12 with Rails 4 support.

With Rails conf currently underway and Rail 4.0 getting increasing interest, we’re excited to announce full Rails 4 (beta 1) support with our latest Airbrake gem, version 3.1.12. Download from    

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Airbrake in Portland

Portland Meetup What A drinkup with Ben Arent and David Palm from Airbrake, Exceptional, RedisToGo, the startup community, other Airbrakers and OpenStack Crew. When Tuesday 16th April at 6:00pm Where Deschutes Brewery and Public House Signup   Portland City Stats via Intercom. Airbrakers. 168 Oldest Airbrakers: two accounts over 5 years old. Woot woot. Vintage… continue reading →