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Guest Post: Lager-Airbrake Notifier

Airbrake Notifiers send exceptions from your applications to Airbrake. The Notifiers are created by the developer community. Having a wide variety of notifiers for different programming languages and frameworks enables users to keep track of exceptions from all kinds of applications. This time we are featuringRoberto Ostinelli, who has written Lager-Airbrake notifier,… continue reading →

Airbrake Ruby Gem 3.1.5 and Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta

We’ve two new updates to kick off 2014 a Airbrake gem, version 3.1.15 and an updated Airbrake-JS 0.3 Beta, which includes better source-map and more detailed error information. You can now use the JS snippet from the CDN. `` Download from Version 3.1.15 – 2014-01-03 14:37:38 +0100 =============================================================================== Ahmad Sherif… continue reading →

The State of Client side JavaScript Error Reporting

Effectively handling browser-generated errors, like much of web development, has long been a difficult, error-prone and highly arcane practice. Browser differences, inline event handlers, frameworks and plugins without canonical error-handling attachment points, and callback hell have all contributed to the bruxism that plagues front-end devs. Airbrake exists to make devs lives easier,… continue reading →