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.NET Exceptions – System.OverflowException

Moving along through our detailed .NET Exception Handling series, today we’ll be tackling the ever-popular System.OverflowException. With a name that most developers will probably recognize, the System.OverflowException in .NET indicates that an invalid arithmetic, casting, or conversion error occurred within a checked context. Throughout this article we’ll explore the System.OverflowException… continue reading →


.NET Exceptions – System.Activities.ValidationException

Moving along through our in-depth .NET Exception Handling series, today we’ll dig deeper into the System.Activities.ValidationException. The System.Activities.ValidationException is meant to be thrown when a Windows Workflow Foundation element, such as an Activity or Workflow, is in an invalid state. In this article we’ll briefly examine what the Windows Workflow… continue reading →


.NET Exceptions – System.Threading.ThreadAbortException

Making our way through our detailed .NET Exception Handling series, today we’ll dig into the fun System.Threading.ThreadAbortException. A System.Threading.ThreadAbortException is thrown when the Abort() method is invoked on a Thread instance. In this article we’ll go over the ThreadAbortException in more detail, examining where it resides in the .NET exception… continue reading →