.NET Exceptions – RegexMatchTimeoutException

Making our way through our detailed .NET Exception Handling series, we next come to the RegexMatchTimeoutException. This exception is thrown when performing RegexMatchTimeoutException.Match() or RegexMatchTimeoutException.IsMatch() calls in which the specified timeout duration is exceeded while performing the regex operation. Let’s jump right in! The Technical Rundown All .NET exceptions are… continue reading →

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.NET Exceptions – System.DivideByZeroException

Moving along through our in-depth .NET Exception Handling series, today we face off against the System.DivideByZeroException. The System.DivideByZeroException is thrown when attempting to divide an integer or a decimal by zero. Normally divide by zero errors are pretty boring, but in this article we’ll examine the System.DivideByZeroException in more detail… continue reading →