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Delectable digests & other notable notifications news

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How many of you guys and gals love checking Airbrake everyday? I mean, maybe some of you do but it would be more nifty if Airbrake bundled up recent project…

Ship it! The Airbrake Deploy Dashboard 2.0

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At Airbrake we believe that fast feedback helps you improve software quality with more calm and confidence. That’s why we give you the tools to analyze the lifecycle of errors,…

Making the most of Airbrake – more tips and tricks

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Last year we wrote about Three Tips to Help Optimize Your Airbrake. It’s been one of our most popular articles, and many customers have thanked us for helping them discover…

Announcing Airbrake Insights


We believe that with fast feedback cycles, teams can ship better quality software with more calm, confidence and speed. That’s why we’ve enhanced Airbrake with a suite of new Error,…

NEW: Get more Insights from your errors

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One of the most common questions we hear from customers is: How should I decide which problems to fix first? That’s of course a complicated, layered question and we don’t…

Two-factor authentication and other security improvements


Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to ensure no one outside your organization can gain access to your Airbrake account and the error data you’ve sent. Airbrake…

TLS deprecation reminder


As a follow up to our TLS deprecation post last August we wanted to remind all Airbrake customers that we will be deprecating support for TLS protocols v1.0 and v1.1…

Python 3: a first class citizen

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Python 3 If you’ve already upgraded your application to Python 3 you can leverage our new Python notifier pybrake to provide more robust error reporting. pybrake is redesigned from the ground…


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Moving along through our detailed Node.js Error Handling series, today we’ll be going over the ERR_ENCODING_INVALID_ENCODED_DATA error, which is one of the many System Errors Node can generate. Node throws…


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Making our way through our in-depth Node.js Error Handling series, today we’ll be diving into the ERR_CONSOLE_WRITABLE_STREAM error, which is one of the many System Errors Node produces. Node throws…

408 Request Timeout: What It Is and How to Fix It


The 408 Request Timeout is an HTTP response status code indicating that the server did not receive a complete request from the client within the server’s allotted timeout period.

Python Exception Handling – UnboundLocalError


Making our way through our in-depth Python Exception Handling series, today we’ll be getting into the UnboundLocalError. An UnboundLocalError is raised when a local variable is referenced before it has…

“Airbrake has been a critical member of every team I've worked with. It allows us to identify and resolve issues before customers are affected.”


“Airbrake has such an intuitive experience for debugging that it enabled a significantly faster triage process. For a recent issue, I started reading through the git diff (~1000 lines) and spotted the bug within a minute or two. The fix was deployed moments later. All in all it took just 30 minutes from error detection to deployed fix.”

- EatSafeCode

“Airbrake is easy to set up, and the backtrace and environment tabs are particularly useful, as well as the integration with deploys.”

- HotelTonight