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An Interview with Chris Cummer, WTFUtil

WTFUtil (also known as WTF), a personal information dashboard for your terminal, is a popular open-source project that can monitor your systems, services, and other important information right from your terminal. With over 13,000 stargazers and over 150 contributors, WTF is a popular tool with Golang developers and DevOps.

Introducing Airbrake Capture for DevOps

Imagine if you could use Airbrake to not only identify errors and performance issues in your code, but to capture output from various tools in your DevOps toolchain.

Introducing Airbrake Teams

User access management should be simple, yet powerful. That’s why we’ve rolled out Airbrake Teams! With Teams, you’ll have complete control over who has access to projects, account settings, and more.  Continue reading to learn more about it.  What are Teams?  Teams are logical groupings of users with defined roles and access within the Airbrake…

An Interview With TJ DeVries, Neovim

Neovim (also known as Nvim), a hyperextensible vim-based text editor, is a popular open-source project that is focused on extensibility and usability, with over 51,000 stargazers and over 700 contributors, We interviewed one of the members of the Neovim Core Team, TJ DeVries, about Neovim’s success. During the day, TJ is a Software Developer at…

Solving the Puzzle of Goal Setting Within Engineering Teams

Goal setting is a simple concept that is difficult to follow through even with the best agile engineering teams. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Bridges Consultancy, 48% of leaders fail to implement their strategies successfully. While this is a huge decrease from the 90% failure rate they saw in 2004, there’s…

LogicMonitor’s Application Error Monitoring Platform Airbrake Wins 2022 DEVIES Award

Airbrake earns recognition during DeveloperWeek 2022 for excellence in App Analytics/Testing –  SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 8, 2022 – LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based observability and IT operations data collaboration platform for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), today announced that Airbrake, a LogicMonitor product, has won a 2022 DEVIES Award in the App Analytics/Testing category. The DEVIES Awards are…

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Awesome Airbraker: OpenTable


We would like to welcome OpenTable as the 34th Airbraker in our “Awesome Airbrakers” series. What value does Venga bring to it’s customers? Venga is a CRM and business intelligence platform that…

Tinkergarten Resolves Sign-Up Error with Airbrake Occurrences


“Being able to see an error the first time someone hits it, even if it’s just 5 minutes after the release goes live, and then quickly  hopping on to fix it before a board member, the CEO or a customer complains really is invaluable to us.”

Tim Broder, CTO

Python Index Error: Index Out of Range


Introduction Today, we’re making our way through our in-depth Python Exception Handling series. In this article, we’ll discuss the Python IndexError: Index Out of Range. If you read The 2022 Airbrake…

Airbrake Data: Top 10 Golang Errors


Who loves Golang? Our Airbrakers do! Although Golang allows you to manually find errors within an application using their built-in error interface, many developers rely on Airbrake’s error monitoring to…

Python Exception Handling – NotImplementedError


Today, we’re making our way through our in-depth Python Exception Handling series, and we’ll dive into the NotImplementedError in Python. The NotImplementedError is commonly raised when an abstract method is…

Python Exception Handling – ValueError


Python is smart–smart enough to know when code is attempting to assign the wrong value to an object. That’s when you might see the ValueError in Python. Throughout this blog…

Go 1.17: A Few Golang Error Updates


Golang recently introduced their Go 1.17, which implements several changes to toolchain, runtime, and libraries. Instead of relaying every single change in the Golang 1.17 release, we wanted to highlight…

How To Use Node.js Profiling


What is Node.js Profiling  Node.js profiling allows you to use the profiler already available to you (–prof) through the Node.js program and discover performance-related issues within your application. With this profiler,…

O11Y: Observability Best Practices for Developers


It can be stressful when you lack observability or “o11y” into your application. And definitely contributes to fear of deployments.   Yet, we hear that lots of developers have poor…

Tackle Latent Errors and Dark Debt With Error Monitoring


No matter how well tested and thought through, changes to code can cause failure—a common reason for this: latent errors and dark debt. When pushing new code, we can only…



Introduction  If you see the Node.js HTTP error, ERR_HTTP_HEADERS_SENT, there’s likely an issue with the response within your code. Your server may be trying several times to reach a client…

Balancing Speed and Reliability With Error Budgets


– Wasn’t this code tested? – Yes, it was, but…  – Well, going forward, we need to focus on quality <crickets>  I think every engineering team has had a conversation…