Airbrake Python Integrations Release

We’re proud to announce a new library to make it easier to use airbrake with Python. Airbrake Python Integrations┬áis now the home for integrations built on top of our core Python notifier library. This initial release includes integrations for three major Python projects: Django, Flask, and Twisted. We’re excited to work with the community to improve and expand the library.

For example, to use Airbrake with Flask:

pip install airbrake-integrations

Make sure the airbrake configuration variables are set:

AIRBRAKE_API_KEY = '1290180gsdf8snfaslfa0'

Then import and use the library!

from import AirbrakeApp

app = Flask(__name__)
ab = AirbrakeApp(app)

Version 2.1.0 of our core Python notifier library, airbrake-python, was also released recently. We added support for sending top-level uncaught exceptions by default and fixed a number of bugs. As always, pull requests are more than welcome, and much appreciated.

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