Skylight Alernatives

Why do engineers and developers opt for Airbrake as an alternative to Skylight?

Every minute that your customer experience is compromised costs you money. Even more important, it costs you good customer relations. At Airbrake, we silently monitor all of your applications — not just Ruby and Rails — alerting you in real-time to new errors that affect your users. You get the information you need to assess and fix the problem fast, and your customers remain happy.

Airbrake makes it easy to monitor errors across your entire stack, as it's compatible with all major programming languages, including Javascript, Python, Node.js, Rails, and Ruby. And if a new error occurs you're notified immediately in the communication tool of your choice, whether it's email, Slack, Bitbucket, Flowdock, or any other. With context, stack traces, and browser breakdowns, Airbrake provides critical insights into your application's exceptions that help you determine the root cause and assess the scope of the problem.


Furthermore, Airbrake allows your engineers to focus on building new features rather than chasing down old bugs, with:

  • Breadcrumbs - see what happened before and after the error
  • Robust custom filter options - ensure you get only the errors you care about and don't get overwhelmed by the noise
  • Trend analytics - determine which releases are improving your user experience, and which are making it worse


Airbrake's robust, fully-featured API export allows you to use the error detail however you choose. Import into 3rd party tools like Hadoop, Redshift, or whatever DBs or analytic tools you like.

Fix problems in minutes, not hours, with Airbrake.

“Airbrake has such an intuitive experience for debugging that it enabled a significantly faster triage process. For a recent issue, I started reading through the git diff (~1000 lines) and spotted the bug within a minute or two. The fix was deployed moments later. All in all it took just 30 minutes from error detection to deployed fix.”

- EatSafeCode

“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference."

- Groupon

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