Airbrake Documentation

Getting Started

Learn how to install Airbrake in your application in minutes. If you are writing code, we've got an error notifier for your favorite programming languages and frameworks.

Performance Monitoring

Our Performance Monitoring was designed with developers in mind, it's easy to install and let's you see a broad performance overview, measure user satisfaction, identify routes with poor performance and dive deep into why.


Add Airbrake into your existing workflow. Post errors to Slack, create GitHub issues from errors, create Trello cards and more!

Airbrake Features

Learn the ins and outs of Airbrake's most powerful features and how to make them work for you.

Airbrake FAQs

Dig deeper and find answers to the most common questsions, and a collection of tricks and troubleshooting tips.


Information on Airbrake's security certifications and additional account security features.


Find all your answers about our billing policies here. Get an in depth look into monthly quota pricing for Error Monitoring and information on our tiered pricing for Perfomance Monitoring.

API Reference

Get full access to your error data and more through our REST API