Error reduction in very large groups

high occurrence warning

Some errors live for a long time, and in rare cases, you may have an error with an extremely large number of occurrences marked with this note:

This error has an extremely high number of occurrences. As a result, we are not storing every occurrence.

Further storage details

This note means that Airbrake is not storing every single occurrence. This functionality prevents error storage requirements from getting out of control, ensuring we can continue delivering fast and reliable service. We drop roughly 25% of the occurrences, using an algorithm to distribute these deletions evenly.

Total occurrence numbers

Error occurrence counts are not affected and behave as normal, giving you the real number of occurrences. Error overview graphs will also show the real number of occurrences (the number before our algorithm runs). The only difference is that you can not browse every single occurrence of this error.

Rate limiting

Because these error groups with very high occurrence counts can report many errors each minute, Airbrake will start to partially limit the percentage of new occurrences that will be accepted per minute. This allows your other errors and projects to use your account’s resources more efficiently.