Having trouble creating an account

This document outlines the simple setups creating your Airbrake account. We hope it will help you get your account created quickly and easily.

Choosing a subdomain

This is going to be a unique URL for your team to log into Airbrake, it can’t be the URL of your site and has to be one word.

For example, If I ran a business with a range of apps for Cats. I wouldn’t put snapcat.com instead I simply put snapcat. The subdomain you choose prefixes the Airbrake domain like snapcat.airbrake.io, so your airbrake accounts can be accessed individually if you have more than one.

Accepted credit cards

We accept visa, mastercard, american express and discover, We use Stripe for credit card processing.

No credit card required

If you would like to Try Airbrake without using a credit card you can get started with our one developer & one project plan.

This plan is excellent for learning the Airbrake UI and integrating Airbrake into your application. However, the low limits on this free plan make it unsuitable for error monitoring in production applications.