Global error grouping

Exceptions matching a global error type will be grouped with other errors of its class, regardless of where they happen in your application.

For example, if your MySQL server goes down, in a Rails applications the errors will appear from many different controllers and models and clutter your Airbrake dashboard up. By setting the error class for these errors as a global class, the errors will be grouped together as they are delivered to our service.

A full list of grouping options is available in our grouping doc.

Adding a global error class

Find the Error Type of the error you’d like to be grouped globally This

can be found on the Overview tab of an error group. Example error types include: ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, NoMethodError, TypeError, or java.lang.NullPointerException

Go to your project’s settings in the upper left

settings cog

Add the Error Type then Save

Error types are whitespace delimited, use a newline or space to separate types.

global settings