Monthly error quota

Note: If your current plan does not display the number of errors per month, your plan uses a rate limit and this section does not apply to your plan.

Your plan’s monthly error quota determines the number of errors that can be sent to your Airbrake account within a billing period. Your monthly error quota is refilled at the beginning of each new billing period.

Usage alerts

Airbrake will automatically notify you when your monthly error quota reaches certain thresholds. You will also be notified if you completely run out of your monthly error quota and need to take action.

Running out of errors

If you suspect you will run out of errors before your monthly quota is refilled, we recommend reducing your error quota usage or upgrading to increase your quota.

If you completely deplete your monthly error quota, Airbrake will stop accepting errors until you upgrade your plan or the next billing cycle starts. Upgrading your plan will increase your current monthly error quota and errors will be accepted again immediately.

Setting a rate limit

Setting a rate limit controls how many errors will be accepted each minute for your account. Errors reported that exceed your configured rate limit will be discarded.

For example, if you set your rate limit to 100 errors/min, then you report 120 errors at 12:03 pm, the first 100 errors would be accepted and the last 20 errors would be discarded. Your account would start accepting new errors at 12:04 pm.

You can set your rate limit to any value. If you only want to protect against using too much of your error quota during a large, unexpected spike, then you might want to use a high value (eg: in the thousands) for a rate limit. If you want to maximize preserving your error quota through out the month, then you might want to use a lower value.

Any account admin can configure the max errors per minute from the account settings page.

Why monthly error quota?

Our blog post outlines the benefits a monthly error quota has over a rate limit that resets each minute.