Rejected errors

Note: Rejected errors are different from error loss due to depleting your monthly quota or exceeding your rate limit.

Invalid format

The error notice is rejected if it is sent with incorrect JSON/XML as determined by:

Rejections in the dashboard

Graphed rejections

You can view rejected error trends in your project overview graph.

Placeholder exceptionsAirbrakeNotice

Rejections are also displayed in your error groups list and appear as AirbrakeNotice placeholder exceptions that provide as much information as possible. These placeholders let you know that your Airbrake notifier library couldn’t parse an error into the correct format.

Getting rejections?

Experimental Airbrake notifier

It’s common to see error rejections when using an experimental or unsupported Airbrake notifiers. You can use the information provided by the AirbrakeNotice placeholder to troubleshoot your notifier. AirbrakeNotice placeholders can be a valuable debugging asset when developing a new Airbrake Notifier and reporting GitHub issues.

Official Airbrake notifier

Rejections are less likely with official and widely adopted Airbrake notifiers. However, if errors sent by your Notifier are consistently getting rejected, please help improve the Airbrake notifier you are using by creating a GitHub issue for the notifier and reporting the problem to