Alternate plugins using the retired V1 API

WARNING the V1 API has been shut down

Any alternate plugins that use the V1 API will not function any longer.

The following projects are alternative Airbrake notifier plugins for a variety of languages and frameworks which use the retired V1 Notifier API. For current API information please visit our API docs.

Notifier plugin that using Beanstalkd

The Reevoo team has integrated their exception_messaging plugin with their Beanstalk messaging plugin and their fork of the hoptoad notifier to queue your exceptions from all your apps and send them to Hoptoad from a centralized server.


Ken Robertson wrote HopSharp, a plugin for .Net.

Brennan Falkner developed a filter for ASP.NET MVC that reports exceptions to Airbrake.


SNIF Labs, Inc. provides jhoptoad, for interacting with Airbrake from Java.


Mahmoud Abdelkader maintains a fork of the django-hoptoad notifier which works with the Deprecated V2 API.


Pistos created an Airbrake notifier for Ramaze.


Shayne Sweeney developed coldfusion-hoptoad-notifier, a simple ColdFusion CFC.


This gist will help to post errors from your Flash app to Airbrake.