API V1 deprecated

NOTE: this API has been replaced by the V3 Notifier API:

The V1 Notifier API will be shut down on February 1, 2010, and projects still using the old API after that date will no longer receive error notifications. All libraries and applications should be updated to use the V2 Notifier API.

If you are using Rails, you can obviously use the hoptoad_notifier plugin. If you are interested in submitting errors from a non-Rails application, you can submit errors directly to hoptoad via HTTP post. For complete details of how to do this, it might be best to look at the notifier source. But here is some basic information to get you started.

To submit an error, make an HTTP POST with the error details to You must pass YAML to this.

The POST expects the following parameters as YAML keys, scoped under the key “notice”:

  • api_key - The API key for the project this error is from (required). Get this from the project’s page in Hoptoad.
  • error_message - The message that describes the error (ie. “undefined method ‘password’ for nil:NilClass”).
  • backtrace - An array where each element is a line of the backtrace (required, but can be empty).
  • request - A hash of the request parameters that were given when the error occurred (required, but can be empty).
  • session - A hash of the session data that existed when the error occurred (required, but can be empty).
  • environment - A hash of the environment data that existed when the error occurred (required, but can be empty).

Right now, there is specific support for Rails on the server side. So, given a Rails request, and environment, we are pulling Rails specific information out of it, for special display.

We have posted an example notice.


  • The Hoptoad server rejects incoming requests larger than 100kB.