Deploy tracking troubleshooting

For more general information on tracking your application’s deploys, Please read our article on deploy tracking.

Deploy Tracking is not resolving errors for your env?

Reason 1: Environment name does not match exactly

Deploy tracking environment names are case sensitive. Therefore Production and production would be treated as different environments. Please make sure that the string in your deploy code for RAILS_ENV matches exactly with the environment variable you initialized your notifier with.

e.g. If an error occurs with the environment Production you would need to specify RAILS_ENV as “Production” or no errors with the Production env will be resolved.

Reason 2: Resolve all errors after a deploy is unchecked

The Resolve all errors after a deploy setting is enabled by default but if you’re having issues with errors not resolving after a deploy, this setting may be disabled. Please check your project’s settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top left corner of the error dashboard.

resolve all checkbox

Resolve all errors on this project after a deploy should be checked.

Capistrano Deploys

If the notification of the deploy is not happening automatically when you do a capistrano deploy.

You may need to add require 'airbrake/capistrano' to your deploy.rb