Public Sourcemaps

Public sourcemaps are a core feature available on all paid plans along with private sourcemaps.

Using sourcemaps allows you to minify your JavaScript code to increase page performance while still being able to get relevant backtraces for your app’s errors.

Using Public Sourcemaps with Airbrake

This guide assumes you have already installed Airbrake in your JavaScript app.

In order to enable source map support you have to specify the path to the source map file according to the source map specification. For example, airbrake.min.js has the following line:


Please note that the Airbrake backend downloads the sourcemap file to process the backtrace. This means that the sourcemap should be publicly accessible via HTTP. So, for example, don’t expect sourcemap support to work on your local webserver running on localhost.

Sourcemaps and Node.js

For server side sourcemaps, please use the following steps:

  1. Upload sourcemap to Airbrake using our Private Sourcemaps feature
  2. Link the minified JS files to the corresponding sourcemap using the custom sourcemap URLs feature