Tired of wasting your limited time scraping together the context and details needed to create useful JIRA issues? By the end of this doc Airbrake will be automatically creating them for you!

When your Airbrake project receives a new error a corresponding JIRA issue is created. JIRA issues created by Airbrake let you get to work quickly on problems effecting your users, giving you everything you need to solve problems fast!

This integration supports onDemand and Standalone versions of JIRA.

Configuring the JIRA integration

  1. Click Integrations for your project
  2. Click JIRA

jira settings

Identify which type of JIRA setup you are using. OnDemand means you’re using an Atlassian account. Standalone means you setup JIRA yourself or with a 3rd party.

Please ensure this user you provide has proper permissions to the Project.

OnDemand Settings:

  • Server URL: http://myaccount.atlassian.net
  • Username: Jirauser
  • Password: JirauserPass
  • Project Key: EXAMPLE

Standalone Settings:

  • Server URL: http://jiraurl.mywebsite.com
  • Context Path: /jira
  • Username: Jirauser
  • Password: JirauserPass
  • Project Key: EXAMPLE

Using Google authentication with JIRA?

If you’re using Google auth to log into your JIRA account and you don’t have a password, you should use your email (not username) and API token in Airbrake for basic auth with JIRA. API token can be created here.

In that case, your settings for basic auth would look like this:

  • Username: your@email.com
  • Password: created-API-token

Testing your JIRA integration settings

Testing your JIRA integration settings is as easy as clicking on the Test integration link found at the bottom of the window after setup is complete.

jira test link

You should see notification about integration success. If the test reports any issues, please check our doc on troubleshooting jira issues.

Manually create a JIRA issue from an Airbrake error

Select the error you want to create a JIRA issue for, in the errors overview tab, click the Create JIRA Issue button:

jira button

After the JIRA issue is created your Airbrake error will show a link to go the JIRA issue. The JIRA issue will also link back to get back to the Airbrake error. If you would like to remove the association between the Error and issue, just click the Remove button:

jira issue link