Bitbucket integration

NOTE: This doc is only for on-premise installations. See Bitbucket integration doc for our cloud service.

Adding the Airbrake-Bitbucket integration will create Bitbucket issues for new Airbrake errors. The default behaviour is to automatically create a Bitbucket issue when a new type of error is reported to Airbrake, this can be turned off if you prefer to create a Bitbucket issue from an Airbrake error manually.

Add Bitbucket authentication

Airbrake needs permission to create Bitbucket issues for your project, our next step is to configure authentication settings.

From your profile settings inside the Bitbucket create a new App password.

app pwd

Enter Airbrake as a label name and make sure to give it read and write issue access. Copy your created App password as you will need it in the next step.

bitbucket app pwd access

Add Bitbucket integration

Enter your Bitbucket username and paste newly created App password from the previous step. Click on the Save button.

bitbucket auth

Add your Bitbucket account name and project’s repository name then click on the Save button.

bitbucket int