Updating from older Python notifiers

Get the most out of Airbrake’s features and stay up to date with the latest improvements by updating your project to the latest version of our Python error reporting library for Django and Flask.

If you are using Python 3.4+, we would recommend upgrading the Airbrake library you use from airbrake-python to our new official notifier: pybrake.

Step 1: uninstall airbrake-python

pip uninstall airbrake

Step 2: remove references to the old notifier

Remove references to airbrake like imports:

import airbrake

logger = airbrake.getLogger(api_key=*****, project_id=123

Step 3: install new notifier

pip install -U pybrake


To configure pybrake you will need your Airbrake project’s id and api_key, these are available from your project’s settings page.

import pybrake

notifier = pybrake.Notifier(project_id=123,

Sending errors to Airbrake

    raise ValueError('hello')
except Exception as err: