Development error tracking

Tracking errors from your development environment

Want to track errors that occur in your development environment? A small customization to your airbrake.rb file and you will be on your way!

Airbrake V5: Track errors from the development environment

In Airbrake V5 errors are tracked from development by default.

The development_environments V4 option was renamed to ignore_environments in V5. It’s behaviour was also slightly changed. By default, the library sends exceptions from all environments, so you don’t need to assign an empty Array anymore to get this behavior(as in V4). More details are available in the V4 to V5 migration guide.

Airbrake V5: Don’t track development environment errors

The following config settings will ignore errors originating from the development, test, and cucumber environments.

Airbrake.configure do |c|
  c.environment = Rails.env
  c.ignore_environments = %w(development test cucumber)
  # OR to collection exceptions in all envs
  # Simply don't set this option