Notifier troubleshooting


This document contains information for the Airbrake V4 notifier. This notifier is deprecated and we highly recommend migrating to Airbrake V5 to get the most out of the Airbrake service and features.

Reporting issues

Please report issues to and include as much of the following information in your support request as possible:

  • The output from rake airbrake:test --trace
  • Ruby and Rails version
  • Contents of your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock

Ignored exceptions

There are a number of exceptions that are common enough that we explicitly do not send them to Airbrake at all. These include:


The ruby notifier is configured to avoid sending these to Airbrake by default. Even if you override these defaults sending these errors to Airbrake will not trigger emails.

rake airbrake:test succeeds, but some exceptions don’t showing up in the dashboard

Check that the exception is not ignored by default, then double check that you have checked Notify on error for the project in your notification settings.

If you’re running Rails 2.3.x, or any other rack-based system, then be sure you have the latest version of the notifier plugin. There was a known issue with prior versions of the plugin and rack clients.

I don’t see any error notifications from my development environment

Check that the exception is not ignored by default, then double check that you have checked Notify on error for the project in your notification settings.

Airbrake does not send notifications for the development and test environments. This allows you to test and develop locally without flooding your inbox with noisy false positives.

rake airbrake:test works from my production environement but not with my other environment

Running rake airbrake:test tests your configuration and generates a RuntimeException from your rails application. The Airbrake Notifier plugin then catches that exception and sends it on to the Airbrake service. To ensure that Airbrake doesn’t receive bogus exceptions, the Notifier only sends them along if it’s running in production (well, if config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local is false, to be more precise). This means that your development exception will get ignored.

To test that Airbrake is properly installed, you’ll have to either run the test on staging or production, You can use an inline environment variable to convince your local rails application that it’s running in production:

RAILS_ENV=production rake airbrake:test

You can do that Depending on your version of the airbrake gem, you may need to update your config/environments/development.rb file:

config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = false

Would an Airbrake API outage effect Application performance?

We completely understand that concern, and have included configurable timeout settings into the notifier. You can specify the http_open_timeout and http_read_timeout values in your Airbrake.rb file:

AirbrakeNotifier.configure do |config|
  # other configurations
  config.http_open_timeout = 1 # defaults to 2 (seconds)
  config.http_read_timeout = 3 # defaults to 5 (seconds)

I’m using rescue_from in my controller & not see the exceptions in Airbrake

Airbrake uses alias_method_chain to hook into the rescue_action_in_public method. Overrides the rescue_action method in ActionController::Base, but does not inhibit any custom processing that is defined with Rails 2’s exception helpers.

def rescue_action_in_public_with_Airbrake exception
  notify_Airbrake(exception) unless ignore?(exception)

The rescue_from system in Rails actually catches the exceptions before rescue_action_in_public happens. The consequence is that if you want to see those exceptions in Airbrake, you’ll need to explicitly send them along in your rescue_from method using notify_Airbrake(exception):

rescue_from SillyError, :with => :render_silly_error

def render_silly_error(e)
  render :template => 'i_blowzed_up'

Airbrake is throwing TypeError (can't dump anonymous class Class)

Known issue when Rack::Bug is installed, make sure to turn it off when in the production environment. You can also try adding an environment filter, which is the recommended workaround:

Airbrake.configure do |config|
  config.environment_filters << 'rack-bug.*'

Errors when submitting custom data with AirbrakeNotifier.notify

Make sure to check out the documentation in Submitting Errors to Airbrake. Also, here’s an example gist of a YAML hash that Airbrake accepts that was generated by Sinatra.