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Seamless Application Performance Monitoring

If you run or work at a SaaS company, a positive user experience is a key sign that your app is a success—but many engineering teams these days are unknowingly releasing deploys into the cloud infrastructure that contain errors which may negatively impact the end user.

When an error makes it out into live production and you become aware of it, your dev team needs to focus on understanding who the error is impacting and where it falls in their priority list. Then, they need to research the error logs to learn how the error occurred in the first place, and identify the steps for debugging.

This process can be time-consuming, but a service that measures application performance, like Airbrake, can provide an excellent alternative to the traditional DIY method of application monitoring.

While Airbrake also offers an on-premises solution, the performance monitoring tools provides easy access to a cloud monitoring dashboard, where you can easily assess your application performance in real-time. The cloud platform is fully secure, with two-factor authentication login and encryption to protect your sensitive data.

Application performance management with Airbrake is simple, with an intuitive cloud monitoring dashboard that provides real-time data and instant alerts to let you know when an error has occurred. You can then view aggregated data to help you prioritize errors to be fixed immediately, with custom metrics that showcase how many people have been impacted. Get comprehensive details into the issues impacting your app performance with stacktraces and breadcrumbs, which can provide insights on the specific line of code where the error occurred, as well as other factors that might have contributed. By fixing errors quickly, you can improve the overall user experience and keep your customers happy.

“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.”

Joshua Krall


And Airbrake also integrates seamlessly with other cloud services, including GitHub, JIRA, and Slack, making it easy to include the application performance management tool as part of your daily workflow.

Airbrake helps SaaS and PaaS companies optimize their development teams' performance by eliminating the busywork associated with debugging, and providing in-depth application performance monitoring analytics to help devs gain a comprehensive understanding of what's causing errors and how to solve them.

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