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Get a Handle on Errors with Airbrake JavaScript

Monitoring your servers and your apps isn't enough. If you really want to keep your customers happy you also have to monitor your user experience. After all, a poor user experience doesn't just cost you money, it costs you goodwill. Fortunately, Airbrake is the best JavaScript error tracking software on the market.

Airbrake silently monitors your JavaScript app, capturing exceptions and alerting you to them — immediately — in the communication tool of your choice. With detailed stack traces and environment and user reports, debugging is easy. What's more, Airbrake JavaScript provides:

  • Deploy tracking - for determining which deploy caused an error — and why
  • Trend analytics - find out which releases are improving your user experience, and which ones are making it worse
  • Comprehensive search and filter options - to let you find that needle in a haystack

Debugging doesn't have to be difficult. With Airbrake, the best JavaScript error tracking software, it's not. Give your users the delightful user experience they deserve. Check out Airbrake JavaScript today.

“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.”

Joshua Krall


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