Web Application Monitoring for Errors with Airbrake

When building web applications, developers often create code that may generate a number of error messages, such as a 503 services unavailable message or a 500 internal server error. Such errors often go unnoticed when the code is deployed, but will impact the end-user and create a negative user experience when trying out the product. Even worse, for SaaS companies engaged in e-commerce, such performance problems may lead to abandoned shopping carts and substantial loss of revenue.

When developers learn about these web application errors, they often have difficulty understanding which errors are the most mission-critical to fix, as it can be tough to tell at a glance how many end-users are being impacted by the problem. And when they review error logs to understand what is causing their performance problems, they may not be able to easily determine the source of the problem. They don't always have the context to solve the error easily. That means they may spend hours or days debugging their web application errors, rather than writing new lines of code.

In order to prevent errors from hindering your application performance, your team members' productivity, or your business' bottom line, try a web application monitoring software tool like Airbrake.

Airbrake's error monitoring tools help you:

  • Find out about new errors in your web application in real-time through email alerts and a centralized dashboard
  • Prioritize error resolution by aggregating data around performance issues so you can perform defect triage
  • Use stacktraces, deploy tracking, and Breadcrumbs to understand the full context around your web application performance issues and what led to them
  • Protect confidential end-user and company data with strong security protocols, including double-verification systems and data encryption
  • Track the success of your web application deploys to visualize trends in performance issues, see new errors introduced in deploys, and track error resolution in subsequent deploys

Airbrake's website monitoring and transaction monitoring capabilities help you understand your web application errors at a glance, and simplify the process of prioritizing and fixing them.

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“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.”

Joshua Krall


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