Understand why errors occurred,
so you can solve them faster

Even the best developers introduce errors from time to time. And it can be overwhelming to sort through your error logs to understand why the error occurred, and how to fix it. Airbrake gives you the tools to follow the exact path that led to an error, so you have the insights to resolve it quickly. By building a process to easily identify, debug, and resolve your code defects, you can solve errors with ease.

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Get to the Root of an Error

Airbrake’s stack traces show which nested functions were called prior to the failure. By learning exactly what happened before the problem occurred, you can more easily understand and debug the problem.

Airbrake's Occurrences - Backtrace

See the Exact Impact of Each Deploy

Visualize your deploy trends, deploy history over time, and learn which deploy caused a certain error. You’ll know exactly how long the error has been live, and understand if it makes sense to rollback to a previous deploy.

Airbrake's Deploy Statistics

Detailed Breadcrumbs Show Exactly What Actions Led to an Error

When developing in JavaScript, you’ll gain access to in-depth Breadcrumbs that help you get the whole picture around what led to an error. Understand all of the events that led up to an error, including:

  • Log events with severity.
  • User events like clicks and keypresses.
  • XMLHttpRequests like POST and GET events.
  • DOMContentLoaded events.
  • Errors in loading page elements or scripts.
  • Navigation from page to page.
  • Window fully loaded events.
Airbrake's Breadcrumbs

Robust Search and Filter to Find the Errors You Care About

It can typically be difficult to prioritize errors to fix in the debugging process, but Airbrake makes it easy to filter based on the conditions that matter to your team. Find specific types of errors, errors that occurred in a given timeframe, or errors that have specific attributes or characteristics, so you can build a solid strategy for defect triage.

Airbrake's Search Filters

Get a clear picture of how your errors happened to improve the debugging process. Try Airbrake free, and start fixing bugs faster.

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