Multi-level deploy analysis to optimize success

Track your deploys, find patterns in your deploy and team performance, and get to the root cause of errors in each deploy with Airbrake’s comprehensive reporting and trend analysis. Airbrake enables you to monitor deploy analytics on a granular level, ranging from individual deploys to project and account-wide data insights, giving you a comprehensive picture of team performance.

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Find the Errors in All Your Deploys

Airbrake’s deploy tracking tool gives you deep insights regarding your deploy performance, providing advanced deploy analytics to understand which deploys introduced errors and which deploys solved problems.

Airbrake's Deploy View

Discover Trends Right in Your Dashboard

Our intuitive interface gives you access to trends at a tap, including the history of all deploys, trends over time, and data around error rates, fix rates, and other important metrics. See all deploy activity at a glance, or use our powerful filtering to search for specific deploys or errors to understand performance history.

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Understand Which Files Are at Risk for Errors

Our Code Insights give you a comprehensive look at which files have been changed the most in your deploy history, so you can stay vigilant for errors and bugs.

Airbrake's Hotspots

With Airbrake, you can monitor your applications for errors through each deploy cycle, and gain deep insights around trends in team and deployment performance to optimize your release cycles. Try Airbrake free, and start deploying with confidence.

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