Monitor your entire app,
not just your app performance

Searching through log files is an inefficient way for developers to understand the bugs in their application. Error monitoring from Airbrake eliminates the manual work and lets developers get right down to fixing bugs.

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Comprehensive Real-Time Log Monitoring

Developers don't have to scroll endlessly through infinite screens of logging messages. Airbrake provides:

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Real-time alerts sent to your inbox or messaging app
  • Custom notifications about the errors you care about most
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Monitor Deployments, Not Just Log Files

Bugs don't come out of nowhere. With Airbrake, you can tie bugs back to releases and files and improve your development process to reduce future bugs. Airbrake helps you:

  • Identify errors introduced in new deployments.
  • Link errors with deployments to enable you to quickly rollback when needed.
  • Identify the files that changed the most in the deployment.
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Monitor the User Experience, Not Just Error Messages

Log files capture error messages, not user experiences. With Airbrake, you can identify:

  • How many users experienced an error.
  • Which users experienced the error.
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Go Beyond Error Messages and Gain Error Insight

Raw error messages rarely have enough context for developers to dive into fixing the problem. Airbrake provides additional details to make identifying the source of bugs easier:

  • Breadcrumbs showing the user actions that led to the problem.
  • Code hunks showing a snapshot of the code that caused the error.
  • Aggregations to collect variations within an error and reduce noise.
  • Advanced search and filtering to identify the errors that matter.
  • Hotspot identification points to files and URLs that have the most problems.
  • Dashboards to show trends.
  • Integration with productivity tools including GitHub and JIRA.
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Stop reading log files. Try Airbrake free and start fixing your bugs.

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