Defect triage simplified

Your logs can show you errors, but they don’t give you the tools to understand which ones are the most severe. Airbrake gives you the context to show how many users are being impacted by an error, so you know how to effectively prioritize your debugging process to help the most users quickly.

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See Who's Affected by an Error, When, and How

Aggregations help you discover patterns in your data, so you can identify the root cause of an error.

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Get Only the Notifications You Need

Errors occur all the time—so how do you know when one is important enough to correct immediately? Airbrake lets you set up custom notifications so that you can learn about critical errors instantly, and address the less significant issues on your own schedule.

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Airbrake Plays Well with All Your Other Tools

Airbrake integrates with Slack, GitHub, JIRA, and other developer productivity tools, helping you build a seamless workflow for managing the defect triage process.

  • How many users experienced an error.
  • Which users experienced the error.
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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your App Quality

Airbrake provides managers with a daily digest email that summarizes new errors, occurrences and deploys across all projects. The stats also showcase trends in performance over time, so your manager will be able to tell if a situation requires further review.

Airbrake's Weekly/Daily Digest

See Pain Points in Your Project

Get more insights from your errors with Hotspots, a dashboard view that shows you where errors are concentrated. The data lets you answer questions like:

  • Which files cause the most errors?
  • Which pages are most affected by errors?
  • Which error messages occur most frequently?

Airbrake provides your team with the insights you need to understand where to spend your debugging time. Cut through the noise to understand which problems are critical, so you can solve them quickly.

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