The highest security standards to protect your data

Best-in-class companies work to establish strong cybersecurity postures—but the tools you use can be the weakest link, often leading to data breaches with catastrophic results. Airbrake provides the security protocols and protections you need to ensure that your code and your sensitive user data remain untouchable.

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Your Data Is Safe with Us

Airbrake is actively working to achieve compliance with international security programs, including GDPR, Privacy Shield, and SOC 2. We’re already certified in GDPR and Privacy Shield, and will achieve our SOC 2 certification in Fall 2018.

Secure Login with GitHub

Easily link your GitHub account with Airbrake, and use secure, two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access. You’ll be able to control access within your organization, and can remove accounts that are no longer active at any time.

Want Airbrake on Your Servers? We’ve Got You Covered

If you want to keep all of your data on-premises, Airbrake provides a self-hosted option for using your own servers behind your own firewall.

Decide What Data Airbrake Receives

Our robust whitelist and blacklist filtering options give you the power to decide what information Airbrake receives, to minimize the risk of exposing sensitive data. Use filtering to keep information like email addresses off the platform if you choose. Airbrake also scrubs passwords and credit card numbers by default, helping you keep your users’ information safe.

Keep Your Source Code Secure

Publishing source code publicly can leave your web application open to code injection and other forms of malicious attacks. With Airbrake, you can turn your JavaScript files into private compressed sourcemaps, so that the source code can only be viewed by users who’ve been provided access to the platform.

Data Encryption In-Transit and At Rest

Airbrake customer data is stored encrypted while at rest, including all backups. When data is being transferred, it’s sent encrypted using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Airbrake supports TLS protocol v. 1.2. Our encryption practices ensure that your data is safe at every stage, and helps ensure compliance with many industries in which security is a prime concern.

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