Python Exception Class Hierarchy

Python 3: a first class citizen

Python 3 If you’ve already upgraded your application to Python 3 you can leverage our new Python notifier pybrake to provide more robust error reporting. pybrake¬†is redesigned from the ground up to support Python 3.4+. pybrake‘s features include providing an async API supporting code hunks adding custom information to notices… continue reading →

Node.js Error Handling


Making our way through our in-depth Node.js Error Handling series, today we’ll be diving into the ERR_CONSOLE_WRITABLE_STREAM error, which is one of the many System Errors Node produces. Node throws System Errors when an exception occurs within the application’s runtime environment and such errors typically indicate that there was an… continue reading →

Java Exception Handling

Java Exception Handling – InputMismatchException

Moving along through our in-depth Java Exception Handling series, today we’ll be examining the InputMismatchException. The InputMismatchException is thrown when attempting to retrieve a token using the text Scanner class that doesn’t match the expected pattern or type. In this article we’ll explore the InputMismatchException in more detail by first… continue reading →