Fearless deployments.

Faster fixes.

Frictionless error monitoring and performance insights for your entire app stack


Why Use Airbrake?


Airbrake onboarding is “dead simple” for major languages and frameworks. Integrations make Airbrake error monitoring intuitive, familiar, and useful for developers.


An agentless & serverless architecture means low maintenance and near-zero technical debt to gain visibility into the health of your entire app stack.

Immediate Impact

As soon as Airbrake is installed, you'll know more about the current state of your app. Real-time notifications will alert you about new issues and critical errors.

Super Easy Install

Airbrake notifiers are available for every major programming language and framework and install in minutes.

Spend less time tracking down problems and more time developing.

Quickly install Airbrake notifiers using the Airbrake CLI
Or manually install an airbrake notifier using the code snippets below.

Add our gem to your project:

gem 'airbrake-ruby'

Initialize the library with your account credentials:

require 'airbrake-ruby'

Airbrake.configure do |c|
  c.project_id = 123
  c.project_key = 'abcdefgh12345678'

That's it! Airbrake will automatically record any uncaught errors or you can send any errors directly.

Full Ruby error monitoring details ≫

... and more

What are you waiting for?


Don't Be Afraid to Commit

Complex, fast-moving development environments mean more unknowns and more potential issues every time new code is deployed. Gone are the days of rigorous testing and QA prior to shipping code. Today, you have to work your code before and after deployment, not to mention up and down the app stack.

You’re pushing code fast - sometimes with multiple commits in a single day. You don’t want error monitoring and debugging tools slowing you down and getting in the way of your next deployment. Rather, you need tools that "have your back" and provide real-time error alerts, offer context about why an issue is happening, and seamlessly integrate with your workflow so you can confidently diagnose and fix problems as they happen (before your users get annoyed), and then get back to coding.

In short, you need Airbrake. The best error monitoring and performance monitoring solution built specifically for the needs of developers. Try Airbrake free for 30-days. 

Feature Highlights


Bask in the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive error monitoring and enriched context for app issues.

Performance Monitoring

Understand the health of your total app stack - not just your code - and turn performance data into actionable insights.


Avoid continuous headaches from CI/CD by monitoring deployments to understand trends in your code quality.

Never miss an error

Whenever a new error impacts your users, Airbrake alerts you in real-time via email or using one our messaging integrations.

Debug issues fast

Backtraces and breadcrumbs show the exact events causing an error, so you can understand and reproduce any issue.

Prioritize fixes

Airbrake provides scope and context to identify the most critical errors in your app and diagnostics to fix problems fast.

Deploy with confidence

Hotspots and insights flag high risk files and errors, while deploy tracking helps track trends, fix bad deploys, and improve code quality.

Track the health of your app

Simple, actionable insights help measure the overall quality of your application, not just response times.

Keep your data secure

Airbrake uses industry-leading protocols and protections to ensure that your code and your sensitive user data remain untouchable.

Integrate Airbrake with your current tools and processes

Real-time alerts head directly to inboxes and messaging apps.

The world's best engineering teams rely on Airbrake to monitor errors in their apps

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“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference."

- Groupon

“Every morning I get my coffee and check in with Airbrake to see how things are going. Having all our exceptions in one place makes learning about and then keeping track of issues a breeze. I wouldn’t deploy without it.”

- Thoughtbot

“The Pivotal Tracker integration is key. But in addition to that the ability to have all of our environments plugged into it and automatically close exceptions with each deploy are great features.”

- Hubstaff