Performance Monitoring

Traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools seek to optimize app performance and provide insight into observable events, resource usage, and user experience. Unfortunately, many widely used APM tools fail to deliver what Developers need when their “fast” app suddenly breaks. That's where Airbrake Performance Monitoring comes in.

understand the health of your total application stack - NOT JUST YOUR CODE

Airbrake's developer-centric performance monitoring provides a holistic view of your entire app including its code, your production environment, and the user experience. 

Turn performance data into actionable insights

Link performance issues and events back to the corresponding errors in your app to quickly resolve issues and improve the overall user experience. 

FIND THE PATH TO FASTER FIXES WITH AN intuitive UI AND contextual drill downs

Using Airbrake’s streamlined UI, you can spot trends at a glance, dive deeper into performance events, and start diagnosing app issues with just a few clicks.


Airbrake’s agentless notifier installs in minutes and won't impact app performance, and it works seamlessly with most app languages. 

COUNT ON Cloud-native pricing

Cloud-native pricing just makes sense given the architecture of web apps. Ditch server-based pricing and pay based on the number of performance events your app generates.

zero-in on the errors you care about most USING Robust search and filter functions

Find specific types of errors, errors that occurred in a given timeframe, or errors that have specific attributes or characteristics, so you can build a solid strategy for issue triage and prioritizing fixes.

Discover how errors in your app affect your users

Error monitoring tells you where you have errors in your app, performance monitoring provides context into how they impact your app and users.

Quantify the user experience (UX) with Airbrake's apdex score tool

Definitively know how good the UX is on your app with Airbrake's Apdex Score tool. Scores range from 0 and 1; one being the best.

See a complete breakdown of your user experience

Use the Apdex Score tool to see the number of satisfied, tolerating, and frustrated transactions for up to three months.

Airbrake Tips for improving Apdex Score

An excellent Apdex Score is 1, but getting there can be tricky. Improve your Apdex Score using these tips.

Find error-prone routes within your application

Discover errors within your application's routes. Airbrake's performance dashboard breaks down each route by error types such as 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx.

View detailed information about your routes

Everything you need to know about your route's performance can be seen directly from the dashboard. Under the routes tab, you'll see requests total, request rate, response codes, response time, and error occurrences.

Track background job performance

Measure and improve the quality of your job workers via Aibrake's Job tab from your performance dashboard. Currently, we support Ruby, Python, and Go.

Airbrake's Performance Tab gives you at-a-glance information about the state of your app

Within moments, you can see how well your application is performing with graphs that show requests, response time, error occurrences, and user satisfaction.

See the number of errors associated with requests

Hover over the requests graph to see the complete number of requests your application received along with the number of errors that occurred.

Response times broken down by Percentile

No need to ask operations about response times for your app. Airbrake Performance Monitoring shows you how your app is responding and further breaks it down by mean, 50th Percentile, and 95th Percentile.

Observe patterns in error Occurences

Discover patterns in errors quickly via Airbrake's Error Occurrences graph.

Discover exactly how your code is impacting users via the Apdex Score Graph

Airbrake's Apdex Score graph shows you 30 days of data relating to your app UX. Use this in conjunction with our other metrics to see how your code impacts user satisfaction with your app.

Use a variety of metrics to measure your application's database performance

A variety of dashboards deliver the metrics you need as a developer to know if your code is working the way it's supposed to, and how it's impacting your users.

You can learn more about how Airbrake Performance Monitoring works via our documentation page.