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Airbrake is the leading exception reporting service, currently providing error monitoring for 50,000 applications with support for 18 programming languages.

We let developers build better software by giving detailed reports of errors in applications. Giving you insight into the health of your application in production. We give detailed exception reports that tell you what happened, what bit of code was responsible, and allow you to recreate the error for rapid debugging.

Our goal is to build the best developer toolset on the planet. One that gives you full stack insight, and allows you to build great software.

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Joe Godfrey


Joe has a strong passion for building products that people love to use. He also loves running, biking and almost anything outdoors. But most of all likes spending time with his wife and three kids.


Joe Roberts


Joe is passionate about building great products and teams. He also enjoys hacking his home with Go, racing sailing, mountain biking, music and adventure.


Kyrylo Silin

Full-Stack Engineer

Kyrylo is a full-stack engineer with a wealth of open source experience. He also helps maintain Ruby's Pry REPL project.


Marcelo Mazza

Web Designer

Marcelo started working as a Web designer a long time ago, when using tables for layout was cool. Over time he discovered the UX world and learned about usability and user-centered design. He loves coding interfaces as much as solving UX issues.


Marko Šiftar

Ruby Engineer

Marko has many years of Rails experience and wisdom! Marko also likes to hang out with his friends and party at the music festivals.


Morgan McDaris

Success Engineer

Morgan is one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. Possibly due to the fact that his BCC (blood caffiene content) hovers around 404.


Nick Ciesinski

PM of Customer Success

Nick drives engagement with our customers and helps make sure we build what they need. Outside of work, you can find him playing/watching sports, relaxing on his roof, or looking for a new adventure.


Patrick Humpal

Lead Ops Engineer

Patrick is a talented DevOps Engineer. He enjoys trail running with his dog, snowboarding, double IPA and dadops.


Steve Gray

Full-Stack Engineer

Steve is a man of many talents, with the skills and wisdom to craft great solutions across the full-stack.


Stuart Moore

Support Engineer

Stuart has a passion for improving the customer experience and brings years of product support experience to the team. On his off time he enjoys traveling with his family.


Thom Cassady

Product Engineer

Thom is a super-smart engineer who delivers oodles of thoughtful help and support with a smile! Thom also enjoys building Android apps, and graphic experiments with Processing.


Vladimir Mihailenco

Full-Stack Engineer

Vladimir is our lead Go developer and talented full-stack engineer. We've been using Go since before 1.0, and Vlad helps keep our API processing the millions of errors we encounter every month.