Airbrake vs. Bugsnag

Why do engineers and developers choose Airbrake over Bugsnag?

You're closely monitoring your web applications and servers. Everything is going well, right? So why are your customers still having problems? Every minute that your customer experience is compromised costs you money. And more importantly, it costs you goodwill! That's where Airbrake comes in.

By monitoring trends and error history, Airbrake gives you real-time information about stack traces and parameters. And engineering teams can determine the scope and priority of errors with access to user and URL breakdowns. Separating old errors from new ones and keeping an eye on how the error volume changes over time is easy with robust data and analytics from Airbrake. And whether you use Slack, Jira, GitHub, email, or another communication tool, Airbrake provides immediate notifications when a new error happens, giving you visibility into your customer experience so you can make it better.


Airbrake quickly integrates with your stack and is compatible with all major programming languages, including:

  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • iOS


Leading engineering teams across the globe choose Airbrake to help them see what's broken, who's affected, and how to correct it. Comprehensive search and filter options let you quickly find that needle in the haystack so that your team gets the information they need to correct the problem and your customers remain happy. It's a win for everyone!

“Airbrake has such an intuitive experience for debugging that it enabled a significantly faster triage process. For a recent issue, I started reading through the git diff (~1000 lines) and spotted the bug within a minute or two. The fix was deployed moments later. All in all it took just 30 minutes from error detection to deployed fix.”

- EatSafeCode

“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference."

- Groupon

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