JavaScript Error Monitoring

Gain Insight into Errors in Real Time with Airbrake

How to install Airbrake to capture JavaScript errors

Include the library via a script tag:

<script src=""></script>

Full instructions can be found on the airbrake-js GitHub repository.

What features does our JavaScript notifier have?

  • Easy and flexible installation options including npm, Bower, and a public CDN
  • The ability to send uncaught errors to Airbrake or manually using a try/catch
  • Custom parameters for errors in order to provide more context
  • Source map support
  • Customizable filtering options to control which errors you send
  • Works well with all frameworks
  • Support for the Backbone.js library


Full instructions can be found on airbrake-js GitHub repository .

Frictionless error monitoring for Javascript

Sifting through massive log files to hunt down an error is no picnic, but it has to be done, right? After all, a compromised user experience isn't good for your bottom line. It's even worse for customer relations. What if there was a better way? Fortunately, there is. Airbrake takes JavaScript error monitoring and reporting to a whole new level.

With Airbrake JavaScript error monitoring, you immediately gain insight into which users were affected by an error, when, and how. Airbrake lets you know which deploy caused an error — and why — making it easier to track down the source or revert your code to fix the problem.

In addition, the Airbrake JavaScript notifier features:

  • Flexible and easy installation options, including Bower, npm, and public CDN
  • Customizable filtering options to control which errors you send
  • Greater error context with added custom parameters
  • Support for the Backbone.js library


Comprehensive error monitoring and reporting allow you to track error trends over time so that you can develop a better understanding of your app's health. Airbrake's detailed dashboard lets you review parameters, stack traces, and affected users so that assessing and resolving errors is both quick and easy. With Airbrake Javascript, your engineering team will improve their productivity, allowing them to get back to the business of creating great code. Monitor your entire app, not just your app performance, with Airbrake Javascript.


Blazing fast, real-time errors alerts

Lightweight notifier installs quickly and won't impact your app performance

Receive error notifications via email, Slack, or webhooks

Fast error search and filtering within your Airbrake dashboard

Advanced data security including SOC-2 Compliance and SAML Single Sign-On - included with all Airbrake plans

Integrates with GitHub, Trello, Slack, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket, custom webhooks, and other 3rd party apps

Dupe error detection

Customizable error filtering

Unlimited users and projects

Comprehensive read & write API

Deploy tracking to monitor code quality

Performance insight about your total app health including your code, production environment, and the user experience.