Magento Error Monitoring

Make Magento Error Debugging Easy with Airbrake

How to install Airbrake to capture Magento errors

Installing Airbrake in your Magento app takes no more than 3 minutes:

  1. Create an Airbrake account
  2. With Modman:
    cd <your-magento-project>
    modman init
    git clone .modman/CodebaseExceptions
    modman deploy CodebaseExceptions --force

Frictionless error monitoring for Magento

When something in your application breaks and starts impacting your customers, it's your job to find the error that's causing the issue. Spending massive amounts of time sifting through log files holds no appeal, but what else can you do? That's when you need Airbrake.

With Airbrake Magento error monitoring, your applications are silently monitored 24 hours/day, 7 days/week so that you can be alerted to new problems affecting your users. Airbrake provides general info about your Magento app performance, as well as detailed stack traces to let you drill down and catch troublesome errors. Airbrake can pinpoint which line of code broke, the environment in which the error occurred, and the deploy that it's tied to.


Key features of Airbrake Magento error monitoring and reporting include:

  • Deploy tracking - see the impact of deploys on error volume and types
  • Backtrace, parameters, and other contextual info - all of which let you dig deeper
  • Duplicate detection - review and resolve similar errors from a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Comprehensive read & write API - to enhance your workflow


Airbrake installs in your Magento application in less than three minutes so that you can quickly receive the info you need to identify, assess, and resolve errors. Let your engineers get back to the business of writing great code with Airbrake Magento. Airbrake also offers a mobile-optimized web app, where you can monitor new errors anytime, from anywhere, with just your phone.


Blazing fast, real-time errors alerts

Lightweight notifier installs quickly and won't impact your app performance

Receive error notifications via email, Slack, or webhooks

Fast error search and filtering within your Airbrake dashboard

Advanced data security including SOC-2 Compliance and SAML Single Sign-On - included with all Airbrake plans

Integrates with GitHub, Trello, Slack, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket, Lighthouse, Flowdock, Campfire, Assembla, custom webhooks and other 3rd party apps

Dupe error detection

Customizable error filtering

Unlimited users and projects

Comprehensive read & write API

Deploy tracking to monitor code quality

Performance insight about your total app health including your code, production environment, and the user experience.